Our Massage Therapists

  • Katie (LMT)

    A licensed massage therapist through the State Medical Board of Ohio, Katherine (Katie) Hudson specializes in medical therapeutic massage. She holds two separate certifications: one from Charter College in Santa Clarita, California, as well as a certification from the prestigious SHI Integrative Medical Massage Program in Lebanon, OH. Having undergone extensive, hands-on training totaling over 1,500 hours, Katie has practiced for a combined 5 years in both Spa and Medical/Clinical settings. Her key modalities include (but are not limited to):  Deep Tissue Massage, Active/Resistive Stretching, Temporomandibular Joint (or TMJ) Massage (both internal and external work), as well as Trigger Point Therapy.

    Actively pursuing her passion to relieve those with chronic pain, as well as muscle tension, Katie looks to restore her patients’ muscular functioning by using targeted techniques that engage deeper muscle layers, increasing range of motion. Continuing to learn and improve, Katie listens to her clients, cares for their specific needs, and approaches her work by gearing her practice around their personalized treatment goals.

  • Alex (LMT)

    Alex joined our team in 2022. She brings with her 10+ years of experience. She specializes in deep tissue and reflexology. She also offers Swedish, prenatal, sports massage with stretching, TMJ work, and trigger point release.

  • Kim (LMT)

    Kim joined our team in 2022.  She has been massaging for 10 years now and offers many different styles of massage.

    In her free time she enjoys riding horses and spending time with her friends and family.