Getting Rid of Pain

There's nothing wrong with getting rid of pain.

Who wants to suffer?

Those little pills are often seen as tiny gems offering temporary relief and peace.

But living on painkillers is no life.

Millions of people have hailed chiropractic as their drugless salvation from pain and suffering.

Using special procedures called spinal adjustments, the doctors release the hold the vertebral subluxation complex has on your body and permits your body's natural healing energies to flow more freely.

Once free of subluxations your body can function more efficiently and better heal itself. Going to a chiropractor may do more for someone's internal chemical health than all the medicines in all the drugstores in the world.

Pain has a purpose; it is a warning signal, like a fire alarm, telling you something is wrong and should be attended to, or a part should not be moved for healing (like a broken arm or damaged joints).

There are two types of pain: 

  • Acute - may be mild to severe, and may come and go.
  • Chronic - lasts for more than six months and is the most challenging pain that doctors work with.