Office Massage Policy

The patient understands that he/she must give 24 Hour Notice for proper cancellation of massage.  Leaving a message on the machine 24 hours in advance DOES count as proper cancellation.

Massages between 9:00am-noon must be cancelled by noon the previous business day.  Massages after noon MUST be cancelled prior to 5pm the previous day.  

You will be charged $15.00 for a half hour, $30.00 for an hour, and $45.00 for an hour and a half, if not cancelled in the specified time frame per this agreement.  If you have a package, you will lose the equivalent.  

Your insurance company does not cover massage.  Therefore, you will be held responsible for the payment of nay missed massage appointments that weren't cancelled as described in this policy.  

Should you no call no show for your massage, you will be charged the full amount of that massage. 

Since this time is reserved exclusively for each patient, and the massage therapist is only paid if the massage is performed, proper notification must be given.  We appreciate your cooperation in advance.