Treatment Options


In 85% to 90% of cases the cause of scoliosis is unknown and the vertebrae, discs, ligaments, tendons and muscles all appear to be normal (although as the scoliosis worsens one or more of these parts may develop abnormalities).

In 10% to 15% of the cases the cause of scoliosis is:

  • Tumor
  • Infection
  • Neuromuscular disease such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy
  • A birth deformity
  • Disc problems

Further deepening the mystery of scoliosis is the fact that no one knows why some minor curves get worse whereas about 90% do not.

However, it should be pointed out that it is not true, as commonly thought, that poor posture is a cause of scoliosis or that women with scoliosis have more problems carrying babies to term than women who do not have the disease.

Chiropractors do not treat the disease, scoliosis included, but they do correct the vertebral subluxation complex (a condition that interferes with the proper functioning of the nervous system and body as a whole).

A body without subluxations is in a better position to resist abnormalities and disease of all kinds, including scoliosis.

Recent research suggesting that scoliosis may be caused by a neurological defect reinforces the validity of the chiropractic approach; the nervous system must remain free of structural damage in order to be healthy.

One report of about 100 chiropractic patients revealed improvement in 84%: 6.8% total correction, 35.6% significant correction, and 41.2% small correction, while 16.4% showed no change or worsening of curves.

Chiropractic research however, has not been limited and the final word is not in on this mysterious condition. However, the evidence increasingly tells us that many scoliosis sufferers could benefit from chiropractic care.