Treatment Options

Low Back Pain

About 85% of the population will experience disabling low back pain at least once during their lives!

That's a lot of bad backs.

The estimated cost of this problem in the U.S. is over $50 billion a year. The medical approach of muscle relaxers, painkillers, rest and physical therapy is at times necessary even back surgery has a place.

However, many people who have had back surgery report a recurrence of their symptoms within a year or two of the operation and may return to the operating table.

In 1994, the Federal Government sent shock waves throughout the health care system when a definitive public pronouncement established chiropractic as one of the preferred and most effective methods of care for acute adult low back pain.

Why are the results so overwhelmingly in favor of chiropractic?

Because painkillers, muscle relaxers, Valium, braces, physical therapy and surgery are not designed to correct vertebral subluxations.

What's more, chiropractic is safer and less costly than standard medicine for lower back complaints.