Patient Education


Achilles Tendonitis 


A form of tendonitis caused by repeated and sudden contraction of the calf muscles.




One of the oldest healing arts in the world, practiced centuries ago by ancient Chinese as a method of curing a host of ailments. Acupuncture involves the application of extremely fine needles into one or more of the 2,000 acupuncture points on the human body. These points are said to link 12 main and eight secondary pathways.


Acute (traumatic) Injuries 


Injuries that occur after an unexpected event, such as a fall, a sports injury, a job accident, or motor vehicle accident. Acute pain-The most common type of pain, often temporary in nature.




A form of chiropractic technique involving the application of gentle, yet firm, pressure to a bone. Adjustments employ a high velocity, low amplitude thrust. The goal of any adjustment is to restore the bone to its natural, or original, position.


Aerobic Exercises 


These kinds of exercises generally involve large muscle groups and foster a strong and healthy heart and lung function.


Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) 


A ligament that lies in the middle of the knee. It prevents the tibia from sliding out in front of the femur, and provides rotational stability to the knee. The ACL can become stretched or torn by a sudden twisting motion.




A gradual breakdown, or deterioration, of the joint spaces in your musculoskeletal system.




A large vertebra, or upper bone, in the upper cervical spine.




A large vertebra, or lower bone, in the upper cervical spine.